Who We Are

Like to Ride?Need to Ride?Want to Ride?

If you answered yes to these questions, then Rider Motorcycle Touring Club (R.M.T.C.) is for you. But don’t let the touring part of our name fool you. We avoid Interstate highways as much as possible. We like scenic roads, we like twisty roads, we like hilly roads. In other words, we like fun roads. Some of our members ride touring bikes, some ride sport bikes, some ride cruisers, and, yes, a couple of members even ride scooters.
All types of bikes are welcome!!

R.M.T.C. is an active and family oriented riding club. During the riding season, April – October, we schedule rides every weekend. In addition, we have a Wednesday ride group, and also several tours of 2-4 days. Throughout the year, we also have social events for members and their families. Go to our schedule for more information. Visitors, as well as prospective members, are welcome to join us.

Each month, we meet on the 1st Tuesday for a dinner meeting and the 3rd Sunday for a breakfast meeting. Following the breakfast meeting we have a planned ride, weather permitting. View our schedule page for dates, time, and location.

We also issue a monthly newsletter to all members. It has articles covering past events, details of upcoming events, and other news of interest to members.

Directors -Ron and Alice Swink
President – Robert Heh
Vice President – Scott Gilliland
Treasurer – Patrick Fardella
Newsletter – Sue Crowley
Webmaster – Patrick Fardella
Asst. Webmaster – Jim Catanzaro
Sunshine – Sue Boland
Photographer – Cris Krohn / Mary Heh
Party Planners – Alice Swink / Patrick Fardella
Products – Roberta Ackerman
Road Captains
Scott Gilliland,  Larry Predmore,  Bob McIlmoyle,
Bob Sopko.